Nikayla Rose (loving_nancy) wrote in x_burning4you_x,
Nikayla Rose

Too Much is Never Quite Enough


Title: Too Much is Never Quite Enough (#1)
Author: Nikayla
Pairing: David/Emily
Rating: Pg-13. Moderate Sexual Situations
Disclaimer: Alas, I do not own David or Emily.

Why it happened, there’s no question. Why it keeps happening, you’re not quite sure. You try to stay away but it is inevitable. Too much never seems to be enough.

She’s in the office talking to Eric. You watch her through the window, mesmerized by her every move. You walk by the door and catch her eye. It’s so easily understood.

She tells Eric she has to run out to her trailer for a few minutes. As she makes her way there, guilt and anticipation flood her thoughts. And there’s always that hovering question, “why?”

You’re waiting for her. A similar mix of guilt and anticipation merge in your mind. Well, maybe not so much guilt. It’s hard to feel guilty when all you think about is her perfect lips and the way she tastes in your mouth. Like the finest of wines.

Immediate ecstasy as your lips crash onto hers. You’ve been here before, but each time is different It seems the more it happens, the guiltier she feels. And the guiltier she feels, the more amazing the stolen moments are. You don’t have much time. You need to keep up appearances if you want this to remain a secret.

The two of you begin to move to the back of the trailer. She nearly stumbles, so you lift her up and carry her the rest of the way, lips never parting.

Breathless kisses continue to be exchanged as the clothing is pushed aside. You set her down on the edge of the bed, straddling her, knees on either side of her legs, effectively keeping her in place. You tower over her, with looming, greedy eyes that want nothing more than to feast upon her pale, bare flesh. And lay claim.

Your jacket and her sweater are the first to go. You catch her lips as the pieces fall to the floor. You yearn to linger but again, there is so little time. She is yours for the taking, and you hungrily oblige.

The rest of her clothes come off faster and faster. She pulls your shirt off in fistfuls, knowing there is urgency in the air. Finally, the skin on skin interaction you both so desperately seek can be fulfilled.

You begin a slow, lazy rhythm, adeptly torturing her. The pace quickens, ultimately sending you both to rapturous heights.

How can something so wrong feel so impossibly right? Easily. With Emily it’s always that way. You look at her now, breathless beneath you; her electric blue eyes veiled by heavy, tired lashes. You ask yourself if anything could ever be as good as it is with Emily. You are certain it could not.

Tags: bones, pairing: david/emily, real-life ship
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