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Title: Unfaithful (#3)
Setting: Fox Winter Party 2007
Pairing: David/Emily
Rating: Somewhere between PG-13 and NC-17
Disclaimer: *Sigh* I still don't own David or Emily...but if all goes as planned...buwahaha

You can't escape; not anymore. It doesn't matter where you are, or who you're with; that feeling in the pit of your stomach is always there. Emily is an addiction from which you will never recover. No sessions of shock therapy or any other form of treatment will ever be enough to free you from the hold she has over you, and your heart.

Over and over, you ask yourself why you go to these parties. Ah yes, because you have to socialize with your "peers", buddy up to the executives and smile for the press. It's all silly, really. The only positive you can consistently find is that Emily will be there; all dolled up and looking beautiful as always. Maybe it is worth it. But then again, maybe it's not.

It's a high-risk situation you've found yourself in. Should you? No, you shouldn't; behave yourself and wait until a more appropriate time. Have any of the times with Emily been "appropriate"? Doubtful. But it's all a matter of opinion.

Infidelity. A word with which you refuse to relate yourself or your present situation. How could anything with Emily be considered a sin? Someone somewhere must have misread the meaning; being with Emily is nothing short of venerable.

Ha. Venerable. You've convinced yourself but still, she is reluctant. Can't. Shouldn't. Words that seem to endlessly leave her heavenly lips. You look her in the eyes as she speaks but your focus is really on those lips and how you wish to press them against your own and ravage her right here.

Your hand brushes the sleeve of her dress away and you drop a solitary kiss on her shoulder. She pushes the sleeve back up and tells you, "No, we can't". The more she denies you, the more you want her. Hands at her waist you move in and kiss her gently. Quickly though, the kiss becomes not-so-gentle and you've backed her into the nearest wall. Your hand drops to her thigh; hiking her dress up so you can feel the heat of her porcelain skin against your palm. She lets out a soft whimper as your tongue crashes into her mouth, creating a violently erotic rhythm with her own.

Her ability to resist you is weakening. Your ability to resist her is long forgotten. That first kiss and you were nothing but a pile of goo. She loves the effect she has on you, but hates the effect you have on her. Like now; in this empty hallway, hundreds of people just around the corner and you have her pinned against a wall; your mouths seemingly melded together.

Ecstasy like this is experiened by so few. And somehow you are one of the lucky ones. Not because you have faith. No.. If you do have faith it all lies with Emily now. But because your believe in fate, in destiny, in the inevitable. You believe in her.

You come to your senses a bit and realize that this is not the place to be doing what you are clearly about to be doing. You take her hand in yours and lead her to the back of the building. (What some call the "off-limits" area.) The staff bathroom; not the most ideal place but when "out of order" it proves to be much more private than an open hallway.

You lift her onto the counter, lips at her neck, her skin turns to fire; burning from your touch. Your hands find their way to her legs again; caressing them and trailing up her calves, her thighs; pulling her dress along with them. You've left the lights off but through the open window, the sun dances across her alabaster skin and gleams in her sapphire eyes. Those eyes that look at you like no one, not even Jamie, could. You'd give it all away to see the world through her eyes, if only for a minute. When you look into them, it's as if, they touch your soul in a way you never knew possible. They are your downfall.

Push and pull. Kiss and caress. Pleading and aching. Your head is spinning and Emily is the only relief. You lie her down on the ground; your jacket protecting her from the cold floor. Her legs instinctively wrap around your waist, pulling you closer. Lips and skin, again and again. Repeating motions that will surely drive you mad. Just the thought of this gorgeous woman writhing beneath you could send you over the edge.

Her fingers claw your back; her lips search your own. Her heart wants you to stop but her eyes and her mind and body beg you to continue; to bring her to oblivion with you, and free her mind from this deafening guilt. Guilt you do not feel. There's no reason to. Emily is your guiltless indulgence, and always will be.
Tags: bones, pairing: david/emily, real-life ship
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